This is how it's done:

In the last 5 years there have been significant advances in three critical areas of machine tool building.

  1. Personal Computer Based Motion Control Systems have transformed the once very complicated motion system into an experience that is simple to master by nearly anyone.  If you can operate a Volt Meter and install software you have the skills necessary to build your own CNC Router.
  2. Operator Interface Software has been developed that will allow you to run the machine with standard "G & M" codes.  Full control  functionality is available to monitor position, turn your Spindle Motor on and off, and other critical functions.
  3. Surface Mount Electronic Technology has reduced the size and complexity of the motion control components and has reduced the purchase price of Stepper Drives to less than $200 each.

These advances make it possible for you to build a high caliber CNC Router with your own abilities, staff, and equipment.  The technology that once made this type of undertaking impossible for a "non-machine tool builder" is now readily available and simple to implement by most maintenance departments.  This is why there are now more CNC Router builders in the market than ever before.  Just about anyone with the desire and a shake of common sense can master the rather simple mechanical and electrical system of the most advanced CNC Routers on the market today.  All you need is someone to teach you "How" and "Why."

What You Do: 

Well, that depends upon what you have available in your "bag of tricks."  It will be different for each of our customers, but let me give you an example.

Suppose I have a small shop where I Engrave Signs, make Crafts, do some cabinet work and other things of this nature.  I don't have a big budget or a big company behind me, but I still want to get started in the CNC Router world.

In my shop I have a Radial Arm Saw, Drill Press, and some other hand tools.  In my past I've installed software on my PC and don't have any problem adding another 110V receptacle in the shop or adding a drop for a phone line in the garage.  These are the skills I need to build a CNC Router with an Engineering Package from Machine Tool Camp.

By using the Blueprints, Electrical Schematics, Bill of Material, and Assembly Instructions included in the "Engineering Package" you will be able to quickly order the electrical and mechanical components, the drive mechanism components and everything else needed to build the machine.  The "Engineering Package" tells you everything you need to purchase, where to get it, and approximately what it should cost.  With the blueprints and common woodshop tools, you will be able to manufacture all of the components for the entire machine.  The Electrical System is broken up into several simple wiring diagrams that show you how to hook up the wires in the Electrical Cabinet.  We don't use complicated electrical symbols, just sketches and photographs of the actual components.  

You should plan on spending approximately 25 hours to manufacture the parts, wire, and assemble the machine.  The parts you purchase will start arriving within a few days of being ordered, as the design uses components that are in stock and available.  The vendors we've selected will accept payment for the components by Credit Card and will take orders over the internet if you like.

Not so sure of doing the Electrical Stuff yourself.............No Problem.

Just order the Pre-Assembled CNC Control System.  All you have to do is plug it in and mount the motors to the frame of the machine.

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