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HARP Series

Machining Centers for Long & Narrow Parts

The HARP Series, specifically designed for processing High Aspect Ratio Parts (long & narrow parts), is typically customized with Clamping Fixtures and Spindle Configurations specific to the parts being manufactured. With the ability to operate with up to four (4) independently and simultaneously controlled cutting heads, the HARP machines increase throughput of up to 10 times compared to traditional CNC machines.  In the door & window industry HARP machines can be found producing over 1,600 door jambs per 8-hour shift with fully automated load/unload systems.


Mechanical Structure
  • Multiple machine frame sizes available
    • X axis machine work envelopes of 2’, 10’, 13’ and 16’ (custom sizes available)
    • Y axis travel: 16”
  • Z axis travel: 16”
  • Precision ballscrew propulsion
  • Precision profile type linear guide rails
  • Dust shedding clamp envelope to eliminate operator blow off
  • Available automated chip conveyance system


CNC Control System


  • Full CNC Control capable of running up to 4 cutting heads simultaneously

  • Home Free (no homing required)

    • Absolute Encoders on all servo motors
    • Battery-Less Technology
  • Easy to learn interface (training frequently accomplished in 5-10 minutes per user)

  • Remote diagnostics and assistance

  • Parametric Macro Programming

  • Interface with typical 3rd party CAD/CAM software


Configurable Cutting Tool Options


  • Variable Frequency Router Spindles

  • Automatic Tool Changing Options

  • Multi-Spindle Drill Units with Veritcal and Horizontal ability

  • Grooving and Cut-Off Saws

  • Tool grouping for multiple feature, simultaneous cutting



Clamping System


  • Integrated into machine design

  • Positive part location and clamping

  • Referencing of datum surfaces (LASER positioning not required)

  • Non-marking clamp surfaces

  • Automatic positioning of clamp(s) is available

  • Reconfigurable clamping system changing production needs


Expandability and Flexibility


  • Base configuration: 3 axis system, one cutting head, two spindles

  • Available up to 12-axis system with 4 cutting heads and 8 spindles

  • Available through-feed systems

  • Available hopper-feed systems

  • Available auto load/unload systems

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