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ReManufactured CNCs

Better than Used, More Affordable than new

MTC can add a second life to your existing CNC, further optimizing your return on investment. With a new control, servo system, spindle, electrical systems and pneumatic systems in addition to addressing mechanical issues and possible reconfiguration, MTC can give any machine another 10-15 years of successful operation. Warranty, service and support included.

Or choose a machine from our inventory, where brand name frames are reunited with new controls, spindles, electronics, and pumps. We provide the features you want, the support you expect, and prices that are a third the cost of a new machine.


We start with world class CNCs
  • Choose from our inventory of the best brands in the industry, like Anderson, Biesse, KOMO, Weeke, Masterwood, Morbidelli, Busellato and more.
  • Or let us enhance your machine.


Inspect and Remanufacture


  • Frames are sand-blasted, primed and painted.

  • Mechanical systems are cleaned, inspected and renewed.

  • All linear guide bearings and ball screw bearings are cleaned, repacked or replaced if necessary.


CNC Control System


  • CNC Control with integrated logic abilities

  • ISO Code file format (other options available)

  • Closed Loop AC Brushless Servo technology

  • Easy to learn interface

  • Remote diagnostics and assistance

  • Parametric programming

  • Interface with typical 3rd party CAD/CAM software


Update and Optimize


  • Features you want including automatic tool changers, matrix vacuum tables, drill units, tool length sensor, application specific fixturing and on-board dust collection.

  • Options for high volume processing, automated load/unload, conveyer through-feed and simultaneous multi-spindle cutting.



Service and Support


  • Professionally serviced with shipping, installation, training, software, warranty and more.

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